Curvature Estimates for Stable Minimal Triple Junction Surfaces


In the well known work of Schoen-Simon-Yau, they gave the $L^p$ curvature estimate for stable minimal hypersurfaces in ${\mathbb{R}}^n$. Based on this estimate, they showed the Generalized Bernstein Theorem holds for stable minimal hypersurfaces when dimension is small. In this talk, I will show that these results can be generalized to stable minimal triple junction surfaces in some sense. As a corollary, giving some suitable conditions, we can show that generalized Bernstein Theorem holds in the case of stable minimal triple junction surfaces.

Jul 12, 2021

Slices can be found here Part 1Part 2.

Gaoming Wang
Gaoming Wang
Visiting Assistant Professor

My research interests include Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations.