Gaoming Wang

Gaoming Wang

Visiting Assistant Professor

Cornell University


My name is Gaoming Wang and currently, I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Mathematical Department at Cornell University. My mentor is Prof. Xin Zhou. My research focuses on Geometric Analysis and Geometric Partial Differential Equations. Right now I’m focusing on the topics related to minimal surfaces, constant mean curvature surfaces, and mean curvature flows, including their singular version like minimal triple junction surfaces.

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  • Geometric Analysis
  • Minimal surfaces
  • Geometric flows
  • PhD in Mathematics

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • BSc in Pure and Applied Mathematics

    Tsinghua University

Publications and Preprints

(2023). Scalar curvature comparison of rotationally symmetric sets. Submitted. arXiv:2304.13152, 2023.


(2022). Generalized Bernstein Theorem for Stable Minimal Plateau Surfaces. Submitted. arXiv:2210.11500, 2022.


(2022). Dihedral rigidity in hyperbolic 3-space. Submitted. arXiv:2208.03859, 2022.


(2021). Index of Embedded Networks in the Sphere. Submitted. arXiv:2110.12653, 2021.


Invited Talks

Geometry Seminar (Stanford University, Apr 2023)

Analysis and PDE Seminar (Johns Hopkins University, Feb 2023)

Differential Geometry Seminar (University of California Irvine, Jan 2023)

Caltech Geometry & Topology Seminar (California Institute of Technology, Jan 2023)

Geometric Analysis Seminar (The University of Chicago, Jan 2023)

Geometric Analysis Seminar (Miami University, Oct 2022)

Cornell Analysis and Geometric Analysis Seminar (Cornell University, Oct 2022)

The 3rd Geometric Analysis Festival (Jeonbuk National University, Jul 2021)

Research Activities

37th Geometric Festival Princeton University (Princeton University, Apr 2023)

Upper New York State Geometric Analysis Workshop 2023 (Cornell University, Apr 2023)

The 28th Southern California Geometric Analysis Seminar (University of California Irvine, Mar 2023)

The Northeast Workshop in Geometric Analysis (University of Connecticut, Nov 2022)

Conference on Differential Geometry (Lehigh University, Oct 2022)

The 27th Southern California Geometric Analysis Seminar and winter school (University of California Irvine, Feb 2020)


Currently I’m an instructor for Calculus II at Cornell University. Please see course website (MATH1120) for details.

Previous teaching experiences (at Cornell):

  • Calculus I (MATH1110 Fall 2022)

Previous teaching experiences (as teaching assistants at CUHK):


  • at
  • 590 Malott Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US 14853,